Party or Event Caricatures

Bruce Plante

If you're looking for a fun, personalized keepsake Bruce Plante is available to draw caricatures for your:

  • Trade show
  • Church event
  • Fundraiser
  • Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah
  • Birthday party
  • Wedding reception
  • Fraternity and sorority event

Things you need to know:

  • Bruce can draw 20-25 people per hour
  • He can draw up to 3 people on one sheet
  • Each caricature has a body with a funny theme or situation
  • Requests for hobbies or themes are accepted but they do
    take more time
  • Double chins are invisible to Bruce (he's gentle)
  • A sample caricature, check list, contact information and
    more details are on the next page. Just click on the "next" button
Bruce Plante drawing child's caricature


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